Social Assistance Payment Dates in Canada for July 2024 

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Are you a Canadian resident with no income and little or no savings? Then, you can be eligible for social assistance.

It helps qualified people by providing financial support, assisting them in getting employment, and helping them be involved in society.

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What is Social Assistance in Canada?

Social Assistance in Canada is a program that provides income support to qualified residents in financial need and unable to meet their basic needs such as food, shelter, utilities, and clothing.

The implementation of social assistance programs in Canada varies from one province and territory to another, owing to different programs and regulations.

The amount of money eligible residents receive often depends on their financial situation, family size, and if they are employable or have a qualifying health condition or disability.

Alberta Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Programs for social assistance in Alberta are available through Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) and Income Support.

AISH provides financial help to individuals with a disability or permanent health condition that hinders them from working.

Income Support offers financial aid to persons who can work but have no current job or do not have enough income to pay for basic needs.

Alberta Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

For Income Support, the total monthly core benefits of a single adult can range from $550 to $790. Eligible AISH program applicants can get a monthly living allowance of $1,787.

Alberta Social Assistance Payment Dates

The table below shows the Alberta income support payment dates for 2023:

Benefit MonthAISH Payment DateIncome Support Payment Date
February 2023February 1, 2023February 1, 2023
March 2023March 1, 2023March 1, 2023
April 2023April 1, 2023April 1, 2023
May 2023April 29, 2023April 29, 2023
June 2023June 1, 2023June 1, 2023
July 2023June 30, 2023June 30, 2023
August 2023July 29, 2023July 29, 2023
September 2023September 1, 2023September 1, 2023
October 2023October 1, 2023October 1, 2023
November 2023November 1, 2023November 1, 2023
December 2023December 1, 2023December 1, 2023
January 2024December 22, 2023December 22, 2023

How to Apply

You can apply for Income Support online or visit the AISH Application page. For assistance with your online application, call the Alberta Supports Contact Centre at 1-877-644-9992.

BC Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Social assistance in British Columbia offers Income Assistance as financial aid to residents who are in need and have no other resources.

As a qualified participant in the program, you may also be eligible to receive money or services to cover other expenses for general supplements (such as travel and clothing) and health supplements.

BC Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

After approval of your application for income assistance, you will receive a monthly rate that covers your basic needs and comprises a support rate and shelter allowance.

If you are an employable single under 65 years old, you can receive a monthly benefit of up to $935 as support and shelter allowance.

BC Social Assistance Payment Dates

For 2023, the payment dates are as follows:

Benefit MonthPayment Date
February 2023January 18, 2023
March 2023February 15, 2023
April 2023March 22, 2023
May 2023April 19, 2023
June 2023May 17, 2023
July 2023June 21, 2023
August 2023July 19, 2023
September 2023August 23, 2023
October 2023September 20, 2023
November 2023October 25, 2023
December 2023November 22, 2023
January 2024December 20, 2023

How to Apply

To apply for this program, go to the Income Assistance page. Visit a local office or call 1-866-866-0800 for more information.

Ontario Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Programs for social assistance in Ontario include Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program.

Ontario Works provides financial support to individuals who do not have enough money for food, shelter, housing, and prescription medications.

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) offers income and employment support to people with physical or mental health disabilities.

Ontario Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

A single person with no children can receive $733 per month for basic needs and shelter allowance.

A single person can get a monthly benefit of $604 to $1,051, depending on the number and ages of children or dependent adults.

Qualified individuals may get the Board and Lodging allowance (based on their living situations) instead of the Basic Needs and Shelter Allowance.

Ontario Social Assistance Payment Dates

Below is the payment schedule for Ontario Works and the disability payment dates for ODSP assistance. Payments are sent directly to the recipient’s bank account.

Benefit MonthOntario Works Payment DatesODSP Payment Dates
JanuaryDecember 30, 2022January 31, 2023
FebruaryJanuary 31, 2023February 28, 2023
MarchFebruary 28, 2023March 31, 2023
AprilMarch 31, 2023April 28, 2023
MayApril 28, 2023May 31, 2023
JuneMay 31, 2023June 30, 2023
JulyJune 30, 2023July 31, 2023
AugustJuly 31, 2023August 31, 2023
SeptemberAugust 31, 2023September 29, 2023
OctoberSeptember 29, 2023October 31, 2023
NovemberOctober 31, 2023November 30, 2023
DecemberNovember 30, 2023Not yet available

How to Apply

Start your Social Assistance online application for Ontario Works or ODSP here. You can also call the Toronto Application and Support Centre at 416-338-8888. 

Saskatchewan Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Saskatchewan offers several social assistance programs to help qualified residents needing basic needs due to low income, unemployment, or disability.

Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) is for individuals and families who need financial help to meet basic expenses due to low income or unemployment.

Saskatchewan Employment Supplement (SES) is for lower-income families with children who may receive a monthly payment that supplements their income from a job, self-employment, or spousal or child support.

Income Support for People with Disabilities, also called Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID), is an income support program for individuals with significant and permanent disabilities.

Financial Help for Seniors assists senior citizens with little or no income to receive financial assistance to help meet their basic needs.

SK Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

Under the SIS program, the Basic Benefit amounts that an adult and a child residing within the Northern Administration District are $380 and $65 per month, respectively.

Basic Benefit includes food, clothing, travel, household, and personal items.

Other SIS benefits include:

  • Household Health and Safety Benefit – up to $500
  • Additional Shelter Stabilization Benefit – $150 per month
  • Prescribed Diet Benefit – ranges from $50 to $150, depending on the conditions
  • Employment and Training Benefit – $140
  • Child Care Benefit – $30 per day
  • Relocation Benefit – $200 or $300, depending on household size

Saskatchewan Social Assistance Payment Dates

Below are the SAID and SIS payment dates for 2023.

Benefit MonthPayment Date
JanuaryDecember 28
FebruaryJanuary 30
MarchFebruary 27
AprilMarch 30
MayApril 27
JuneMay 30
JulyJune 29
AugustJuly 28
SeptemberAugust 30
OctoberSeptember 28
NovemberOctober 30
DecemberNovember 29

How to Apply

Visit the SIS page to apply for Income Support. You can also create an account on the Saskatchewan page.

If you want to apply by phone, call Social Services at 1-866-221-5200 or visit the nearest Social Services office. 

Manitoba Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Programs for social assistance in Manitoba are for residents unable to support themselves or their families. They can seek financial help through the Employment and Income Assistance Program (EIA).

EIA has three categories:

  • EIA for single parents
  • EIA for persons with a disability
  • EIA for the general assistance category

EIA benefits include:

  • Income Support – Combines both provincial and federal government assistance.
  • Employment Assistance – individuals who can work will be provided with related support and assistance until they find employment.
  • Rent Assist – For individuals under the EIA program with housing costs to cover and for other low-income private renters.

Other social assistance programs offered in Manitoba include:

  • Manitoba Child Benefit – This program supports lower-income Manitobans with dependent children.
  • 55 PLUS Program – This Manitoba Income Supplement program provides quarterly benefits to residents who have low income and are 55 years old and over.

MB Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

The following are the monthly benefits for persons qualified for EIA:

  • The monthly benefits available to individuals eligible for the EIA for General Assistance range from $796 for one adult with no children to $3,554 for two adults with three children.
  • For the EIA for Non-Disabled Single Parents program, the monthly benefit amount ranges from $948 to $3,213, depending on the number of children and their age category.
  • In the EIA for Persons with a Disability category, one adult with no children can get $1,093 per month, while two adults with three children can receive $3,826 monthly.

Other social assistance programs offered in Manitoba include:

  • Manitoba Child Benefit – Low-income families may be qualified to receive up to $35 per month per child.
  • 55 PLUS Program – The maximum quarterly benefits for this program are:
    • $161.80 for a single person
    • $173.90 to each qualified person in a married or common-law relationship

Manitoba Social Assistance Payment Dates

Welfare payment dates in Manitoba are as follows:

Benefit MonthManitoba EIA Payment Dates
January 2023January 27, 2023
February 2023February 24, 2023
March 2023March 29, 2023
April 2023April 26, 2023

How to Apply

To apply for EIA, go to the Manitoba website. You can also book an appointment by calling 204-948-4000. For the deaf and hard-of-hearing, call Manitoba Relay Service at 1-800-855-0511.

image showing icon of social assistance and texts telling something about social assistance payment dates

Nova Scotia Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Nova Scotia offers Employment Support and Income Assistance (ESIA), which includes programs that assist individuals unable to support themselves and their families and help them find employment.

Programs under ESIA include Income Assistance (IA) and Employment Support Services (ESS).

  • Income Assistance – If you cannot support yourself or your family, this will provide you with the money for your basic needs or assistance with special needs. IA includes Basic Needs and Special Needs Assistance.
  • Employment Support Services (ESS) – If you are on Income Assistance, ESS provides resources, opportunities, and services that help you build and learn the skills needed to work and become self-sufficient.

NS Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

Basic Needs Assistance provides an allowance called Standard House Rate, which covers food, clothing, shelter, fuel, utilities, and personal items. The amount of which depends on the size of your family and your living situation. 

Below are the three types of Standard Household Rates and the amount you will receive if you are eligible:

  • Monthly Standard Household Rate (Rent/Own or Board)
    • Rent/Own – $686 to $1,393
    • Board – $608 to $1,049
  • Standard Household Rate (Enhanced) – $950 per month for each adult in the household
  • Standard Household Rate (Essentials) – $380 per month for each adult in the household

Nova Scotia Social Assistance Payment Dates

The Income Assistance payment dates for 2023 are:

  • January (2023) – December 28, 29, and 30, 2022
  • February (2023) – January 27, 30, and 31, 2023

How to Apply

Call toll-free 1-877-424-1177 (within Nova Scotia). You can also visit a Community Services office and call the Intake Program from the office.

Quebec Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Quebec offers various programs for qualified low-income residents who need money to pay for basic needs, including food and shelter. 

  • Social Assistance Program – Provides financial assistance to single adults or families without health conditions that limit their employment capacity.
  • Social Solidarity programs – Provides financial support for a single adult or families in which one or more adults have serious health problems that limit their work opportunities.

QC Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

Under the Social Assistance Program, an adult with no limited employment capability can receive a monthly benefit of $770. Meanwhile, an adult with a temporarily limited capacity for employment can get $923 per month.

Under the Social Solidarity Program, an eligible adult can receive $1,205 a month. For two adults, the monthly assistance is $1,765.

Quebec Social Assistance Payment Dates

The benefit payment dates for the current year are as follows:

  • February 1, 2023
  • March 1, 2023
  • April 1, 2023
  • April 29, 2023
  • June 1, 2023
  • June 30, 2023
  • August 1, 2023
  • September 1, 2023
  • September 29, 2023
  • November 1, 2023
  • December 1, 2023
  • December 29, 2023

You will receive the monthly payments through direct deposit or mailed cheques. The fastest way to receive assistance is through direct deposit.

How to Apply

To apply for social assistance, verify your eligibility and fill out the forms necessary for your application.

Call 514-873-4000 (Montréal) or toll-free 1-877-767-8773 (elsewhere in Québec) if you have questions about the application process.

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New Brunswick Social Assistance and Payment Dates

The Social Assistance Program in New Brunswick supports people in financial need to meet their basic needs like food, clothing, utilities, and rent.

It includes programs and services that help them manage education, work, and transitional plans.

Three rate programs are available: Transitional Assistance, Transitional Assistance – Single Employable, and Extended Benefits Program.

NB Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

An adult can receive a monthly benefit of $593 under the Transitional Assistance Program and $732 per month under the Extended Benefits Program.

New Brunswick Social Assistance Payment Dates

The monthly basic assistance cheques are deposited on the first day of each month. If it falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be deposited on the last business day of the previous month.

Each month, a Notice of Direct Deposit will be given in the mail, showing the cheque amount. 

How to Apply

Gather the personal details and other relevant information from your household members. Call the provincial number for screening and intakes at 1-833-SDDSTel (1-833-733-7835).

See the Checklist of Documents to bring to your appointment.

Newfoundland and Labrador Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Newfoundland and Labrador offers a social assistance program called Income Support Benefits to provide eligible individuals with financial support.

Benefits for qualified individuals and families include expenses for essential items like food, clothing, household maintenance, personal care, and utilities. Shelter benefits include rent and mortgage.

Non-basic benefits include municipal tax payments, eye exams, and prescription glasses. Private childcare (related to employment or training) and expenses for burials are other non-basic benefits.

NL Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

A single adult living with relatives can get $339 per month, while a single adult maintaining a household or living with non-relatives can receive $561 monthly.

Newfoundland and Labrador Social Assistance Payment Dates

Income Support payments are directly deposited into the recipient’s bank account on the 1st and 16th of the month. If direct deposit is not an option, cheques will be mailed to ensure recipients receive the payments by the said dates. 

How to Apply

To quickly apply for Income Support, contact the toll-free number 1-877-729-7888 and complete a telephone application.

Prince Edward Island Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Prince Edward Island’s Social Assistance Program helps eligible individuals unable to support themselves by paying for their basic needs such as food, shelter, and utilities.

Other financial needs that social assistance can help with include medications, basic dental services, glasses, funeral costs, telephone, transportation costs, and security deposits for rent or utilities.

PEI Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

Under the Schedule of Basic Unit Rates, an adult can receive $511 per month, while a child (12-17) can get a monthly benefit of $388.

As for shelter benefits, an adult with no children living in a 1-bedroom house can receive $850 a month.

Prince Edward Island Social Assistance Payment Dates

There is no available information online on the 2023 payment dates for social assistance in Prince Edward Island.

How to Apply

Contact the Social Assistance Program toll-free at 1-877-569-0546. Social Supports Coordinators will help you with your intake via the program and provide information on the available supports.

Yukon Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Yukon Social Assistance provides financial help to qualified residents in financial need. Governed by the Social Assistance Act, it is a last-resort program that helps pay for basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and utilities.

Yukon Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

If you are eligible for social assistance, you may want to supplement it by applying for the Yukon Supplementary Allowance, which offers $250 per month.

If you qualify for this program, you can earn up to $3,900 per year, which is not calculated as part of your annual income.

Low-income seniors can apply for the Yukon Seniors Income Supplement program, which increases their monthly income to $273.05.

Yukon Social Assistance Payment Dates

Below is the schedule for social assistance payment dates in Yukon.

Benefit MonthWhen You Have to ApplyDeclare Money Received During This Time
JanuaryDecember 1November 1 to 30
FebruaryJanuary 1December 1 to 31
MarchFebruary 1January 1 to 31
AprilMarch 1February 1 to 28
MayApril 1March 1 to 31
JuneMay 1April 1 to 30
JulyJune 1May 1 to 31
AugustJuly 1June 1 to 30
SeptemberAugust 1July 1 to 31
OctoberSeptember 1August 1 to 30
NovemberOctober 1September 1 to 30
DecemberNovember 1October 1 to 31

How to Apply

If you have inquiries about applying for social assistance in Yukon, call a social assistance office in your community.

If you live in Whitehorse, call 867-667-5674 for information about Income Support.

Northwest Territories Social Assistance and Payment Dates

Northwest Territories offers the Income Assistance Program to residents who need help meeting basic and enhanced needs, such as shelter and utilities.

As Income Assistance is a month-to-month program, participants have to apply and provide all necessary documents during a given month.

Eligible seniors and persons living with disabilities can also benefit from the Income Assistance Program.

Low-income seniors can also apply for NWT Senior Citizen Supplementary Benefit to get help in paying for living costs and Senior Home Heating Subsidy.

NWT Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

An adult with one child living in the Dettah/Ndilô community can receive a food allowance of $343 a month. They will receive $717 per month if they live in Colville Lake.

Seniors under the NWT Senior Citizen Supplementary Benefit program can receive $196 per month and a heating subsidy of up to $5,000, depending on their location.

Northwest Territories Social Assistance Payment Dates

NWT social assistance payment dates for 2023 are not available online.

NWT’s Income Assistance Policy Manual states that Income Assistance is provided to applicants at the beginning of the month or at prorated intervals during the month.

If the applicant and their family reside in an inaccessible area, they can get assistance up to two months in advance.

How to Apply

To apply for Income Assistance, fill out the Application for Income Assistance and schedule an appointment to meet with a Client Services Officer (CSO) in your area.

You can also call (867) 767-9355 for more information about Income Security Programs.

Nunavut Social Assistance and Payment Dates

The Income Assistance Program in Nunavut is a last-resort program made to help individuals and families meet their basic needs when they cannot provide for themselves.

Benefits cover food, shelter, clothing and assistance in transitioning toward employment.

Nunavut Benefit Amounts Available for 2023

The monthly allowance for a family with one member living in Zone 1 will receive $682 and $782 a month if they live in Zone 4.

For a family with three members, the monthly allowance for Zone 1 residents is $1,079 and $1,222 for Zone 4.

Nunavut Social Assistance Payment Dates

Find information about social assistance payment dates in Nunavut by contacting the Income Assistance Worker in your community.

How to Apply

Contact your community Income Assistance Worker to schedule an appointment and discuss other available resources you can access before determining eligibility.

Arctic Bay: (867) 439-8000

Igloolik: (867) 934-8213 or 934-8313

Chesterfield Inlet: (867) 898-9274

For the contact information of other communities, go to the Department of Family Services Income Assistance Program page. 

Is Social Assistance (SIS) Increasing in 2023?

Yes, it is increasing in 2023 due to the $11.4 million investment in the Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) program. It will also boost the monthly basic benefits by $30 and up to $25 for shelter benefits.


What are the Old Age Security (OAS) payment dates in 2023?

The OAS payment dates in 2023 are January 27, February 24, March 29, April 26, May 29, June 28, July 27, August 29, September 27, October 27, 2023, November 28, and December 20. Learn more here.

What are the Trillium payment dates in 2023?

The 2023 payment dates for the Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) are as follows: January 10, February 10, March 10, April 6, May 10, June 9, July 10, August 10, September 8, October 10, November 10, and December 8. Click here to learn more.

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