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The SnappyRates Team comprises personal finance writers who have reviewed and personally tested hundreds of financial products in the Canadian space. With over 20 years of combined experience to draw from and expertise in all things credit cards, banking, insurance, and mortgages, our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive guides and resources to help you on your financial journey.

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image showing an icon depicting the average life expectancy in canada

What is the Average Life Expectancy in Canada?

If you’re wondering how long the average Canadian lives, you’re in the right place. Canadians born today are expected to live about 83 years on average, a slight increase from the predicted lifespan of those born in 2021. In 1950, the life expectancy of an average Canadian was just 68 years. In other words, we’re ...

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image showing icon of a house being sold and texts providing canadian real estate market statistics

40 Must-Know Statistics About the Canadian Real Estate Market for 2023

As of the most recent census, Canada’s housing market includes 15.5 million homes, and 66.5% of Canadians own homes. With Canada’s population sitting at 38 million people, that means there are about 25 million Canadians who own houses. This is all to say that Canada’s real estate market is a hot topic for many of ...

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image showing texts and icons depicting credit card grace period

What is a Credit Card Grace Period in Canada?

If you have used a credit card, you might be familiar with the grace period. But what exactly is a credit card grace period in Canada? How long is it, and what does it mean for you? Here, we look into the details of credit card grace periods to give you all the information you ...

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image showing icon of social assistance and texts telling something about social assistance payment dates

Social Assistance Payment Dates in Canada for February 2023 

Are you a Canadian resident with no income and little or no savings? Then, you can be eligible for social assistance. It helps qualified people by providing financial support, assisting them in getting employment, and helping them be involved in society. What is Social Assistance in Canada? Social Assistance in Canada is a program that ...

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image showing an icon depicting an overpaid credit card

What Happens If You Overpay a Credit Card?

If you overpay a credit card, it will have a negative balance. Most people are more concerned about not paying their credit card bill than overpaying it, but there are several ways it can happen. This guide will examine what it means to have an overpaid credit card and what you can do about it. ...

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image showing icon of canadian net worth stats

35 Interesting Canadian Net Worth Stats for 2023

You’ve probably heard the term net worth before. It’s often thrown around in terms of famous names and big numbers. For example, Justin Bieber’s net worth is roughly $285 million. But what does net worth really mean for the average Canadian? Net worth is a broad measure of a person’s financial health. You can calculate ...

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image showing graphics about canadian mortgage

33 Interesting Canadian Mortgage Stats for 2023

In Canada, the mortgage system is nationalized, so mortgage and lending policies are similar throughout the country. Canadian mortgages usually involve five-year fixed terms. About two-thirds of Canadians are homeowners, and around half of those homeowners hold a mortgage. That means that many Canadians are curious about mortgage statistics. Are you wondering what the typical ...

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