What is the Average Height for Men in Canada?

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From the moment we’re born, our height is important.

Doctors measure a baby’s height and monitor it all throughout their developmental years as a way to ensure that growth is on-track and progressing as expected.

Even into adulthood, height is used to discern the status of our physical health.

In addition, height becomes cosmetically important when we enter the dating world — especially for men. Generally, the taller a man is, the more appealing he is to potential partners.

Countries around the world have different average heights, making for a global population that is varied and interesting.

The question today is, though, what is the average height for a Canadian man? How does this average compare to that of other countries?

Let’s find out.

Average Male Height in Canada

The height of men in Canada varies, with some individuals being classed as extremely short and others as very tall. However, there is an average, as there is in every country.

Canadian men, on average, are five feet, ten inches tall or 178.1 cm tall.

Statistically, 98.82% of Canadian men are shorter than six feet, three inches tall, as well, which makes for a very small percent of the population that is taller than the average.

Average Male Height Around The World

If the height of Canadian males vary, the height of males around the world varies that much more.

In addition, the average height for men has been slowly but continuously increasing over the last century — in all countries.

This is due to the positive changes that have been made to healthcare and nutrition within that period of time.

Over the last century, research has found that Iranian men have grown the most on average, getting 6.7 inches taller.

CountryAverage Height for Men
Netherlands5 ft, 11.9 inches
Denmark5 ft, 11.5 inches
Germany5 ft, 11 inches
Norway5 ft, 11 inches
France5 ft, 11 inches
Australia5 ft, 10.6 inches
Canada5 ft, 10 inches
United Kingdom5 ft, 9.9 inches
United States5 ft 9.5 inches
South Korea5 ft 9 inches
Jamaica5 ft 8.7 inches
Brazil5 ft, 8.5 inches
Iran5 ft, 8.3 inches
Singapore5 ft, 8 inches
China5 ft, 7.5 inches
Japan5 ft, 7.2 inches
Kenya5 ft, 7 inches
Mexico5 ft, 6.5 inches
Sudan5 ft, 5.5 inches
India5 ft, 5 inches
Table shows average male heights in different countries.
image showing canadian man measuring his height

Factors Affecting Male Height

DNA Sequences/Genetics

Scientists estimate that up to 80% of a person’s total height as an adult is determined by their genetics.

The differences in height that are seen from person to person come as a result of DNA sequencing — particularly, variations in DNA sequences.

Some DNA variants have profound effects on height.

For example, the FGFR3 gene causes a rare condition that results in an unusually short stature.

Most genetic variants have mild to moderate effects on height, however.

There are an estimated 700 genes that play into height.

Some affect growth directly, while others simply affect it by inhibiting the way cartilage forms in growth plates, which results in arms and legs that are shorter than average.


Aside from genetics, nutrition is one of the most important factors that play into a man’s height as an adult.

A lack of adequate nutrition as a child can result in nutrient deficiencies, which can lead to stunted growth and slower/reduced growth compared to children who grew up eating healthily.

A diet that sets children up for optimal growth is one that is balanced, including a mixture of protein, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats.

Sleep Habits

Sleep is important in all stages of life — but when we’re children, it’s that much more crucial that we get adequate amounts of sleep.

Poor quality or a lack of sleep altogether leads to a reduction in the amount of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that our brains produce.

HGH is responsible for how tall we grow as adults. HGH is released during certain stages of sleep and, therefore, can only be released during certain times of the night.

This means that when we have broken sleep or not enough sleep, we miss out on the HGH-releasing stages of our sleep that are crucial to our growth.

Here is the average height for women in Canada.

How to Accurately Measure Height

To measure your height accurately from the comfort of your own home, follow the steps below.

  1. Remove your shoes. Ensure that you aren’t wearing any hats and that your hair is as flat as possible so as to not affect the accuracy of your measurement.
  2. Be sure to take your measurement on a hard floor and that you can stand against a flat surface, such as a wall that doesn’t have molding at the bottom.
  3. Stand with your feet flat, together, and touching the wall. Your arms and legs should be straight, and your shoulders should be level.
  4. Cast your gaze straight ahead so that your line of sight is parallel to the floor.
  5. Have another person place something flat (such as a rule or a book) against the wall at a straight right angle. Have them lower it until it rests on top of your head, maintaining the right angle.
  6. Mark the wall with a pencil and then use a measuring tape to measure from the floor up (or vice versa) to the line that was drawn.

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How tall is the average Canadian?

The average Canadian man is 5ft, 10 inches tall. The average height for women in Canada is 5ft, 4 inches tall.

What country has the tallest people?

The country that has the tallest people is the Netherlands.

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